Why Train At Hover Dynamics?

Here at Hover Dynamics we can help you realise your ambition and learn to fly helicopters. Whatever your reason for wanting to fly, we can tailor a pilot training programme to suit your individual requirement.

No formal qualifications are required to train as a helicopter pilot, and contrary to popular belief, NO previous flying experience is required before learning to fly helicopters. However, Due to the responsibility involved in flying, there is a minimum age requirement of 17 years for the Private Pilot’s licence, and 18 years for the Commercial Pilots licence. The only other requirement is that you pass an aviation medical exam which requires only a reasonable level of fitness.

If you would like to learn to fly a helicopter, call us and we can arrange for you to take one of our demonstration flights. You will be encouraged to take the controls under the supervision of one of our experienced instructors. This will give you a valuable insight into helicopter flying and will help you decide whether flying helicopters is something which interests you or not, as well as giving you an opportunity to discuss you licence with an instructor. (The time flown can be logged toward your PPL).

Is It Difficult To Fly A Helicopter?

Learning to fly a helicopter is not nearly as difficult as most non-flyers think and can be mastered by practically anyone who is willing to devote some time and effort to their passion.

At Hover Dynamics for your flight training, you will be taught under the supervision of Civil Aviation authorized Instructors. Because flying is taught on a one-on-one basis the instructor will be able to tailor the course to suit you as an individual. They will help you learn to fly by physically letting you take control of the helicopter. Under the supervision of your instructor you will not only learn to take off, land, hover, lift loads, fly in the mountains and from city to city, you will also learn how to control the helicopter in any situation.

Courses Available At Hover Dynamics:

Helicopter Private Pilot License (H-PPL):

The Private Helicopter Pilot program is intended for people who may be learning to fly as a hobby, for personal business or for those who are planning to purchase their own aircraft. With your Private Pilot Certificate you are allowed to take family, friends and co-workers on board the aircraft while acting as Pilot in Command. The only restriction to acting as a Private Pilot is that you are not allowed compensated for your flying. In order to receive compensation or payment you must carry a Helicopter Commercial Pilot Licence (H-CPL).

Helicopter Commercial Pilot License (H-CPL):

The Helicopter Commercial Pilot License allows you to fly for hire or for compensation. With the privilege of the Commercial Pilot License comes added responsibility due to the fact that you are now able to fly passengers. The additional responsibility also means that you will have new regulations to learn as well as how to better accommodate your customers while maintaining a high level of flight safety.
Hover Dynamics will ensure that you are equipped with all the necessary skills and abilities to set you up for a successful career in aviation.

Private Pilot Helicopter (PPL H)

The Private Pilot licence is designed for those who wish to fly for pleasure rather than for a career.

  • The minimum requirements are:
  • 17 years of age
  • Aviation medical
  • 50 Hours minimum flying time (including 15 hours of solo)
  • Restricted radio licence and PPL Ground School
  • PPL exams (These exams are done through the South African Civil Aviation Authority).

Commercial Pilots Licence (CPL H)

The Commercial Pilots licence minimum requirements:

  • 18 years of age
  • Aviation medical (Commercial)
  • 200 hours of flying, (including the 50 hours from your PPL), of which 100 hours must be solo.
  • General radio licence and CPL ground school
  • CPL exams. (These exams are done through the South African Civil Aviation Authority).

Ground School Subjects:

  • Air Law  
  • Meteorology
  • Navigation
  • Human Performance and Limitations
  • Helicopter Tech and General
  • Principles of flight
  • Flight Performance and Planning
  • Helicopter Radiotelephony Communications

The Private Pilot’s Licence Air Exercise Syllabus:

1.    Familiarization with helicopter.                    16.   First solo: (maximum of 2 circuits).

2.    Prep for flight & action after flight.               17.   Consolidating of skills learned to date.

3.    Air experience.                                           18.   Advanced hovering and manoeuvring.

4.    Effect of controls in forward flight.                19.   Precision transitions.

5.    Attitude & power changes.                           20.   Quick stops. 

6.    Straight & Level; Climbs & descents.             21.   Tight circuits

7.    Medium turns.                                            22.   Steep turns

8.    Basic hover in-ground effect.                        23.   Advanced auto-rotations

9.    Lift-offs & touch-downs.                               24.   Limited-power operations.

10.   Hover & taxi out of wind.                             25.   Transition in various wind directions

11.   Transitions.                                                 26.   Slope landings and take-offs.

12.   Circuit flying.                                               27.   Confined area & out-of-ground effect ops.

13.   Vortex ring state.                                         28.   Low Flying

14.   Basic auto-rotations.                                     29.   High altitude familiarization

15.   Emergencies; engine-off landings.                  30.   Navigation